For the BEST Campsite on the Mount, this is the place where you can get up close to the ACTION all weekend.

Important note: Campsite Bookings close on the 1st of March 2025 unless sold out prior.

Campsite Prices Per Stay:

  • Adult: $80 
  • Youths 11-16yrs: $35
  • Children under 11: FREE

Camping Prices are per stay, whether you stay for 1 or 4 nights.  
Note: Maximum number of people per site is 8.                    

Campsite Size:

Campsites will be based on an approximate measure of 10m x 8m. Generally these sizes are met, however in some instances measurements may vary.

Campsite Access:

Campers will enter and exit the event venue via Conrod Straight and check in at the Campground Office. Once checked in, you will be directed to your designated Campground that you pre-booked.

Campsite Power:

Access to power is available to campsites numbered 1 to 263; however is limited and a first in best dressed policy applies. Campsites numbered from 300 onwards are UNPOWERED.

Campsite Operating Times:

The Campsite opens at 11:00am on Thursday 6th of March 2025 and closes at 11:00am on Monday 10th of March 2025. Access to the Campsite access will not be permitted before 11:00am on Thursday 6th March 2025.


Tickets to the Event must be purchased in addition to the cost of a campsite(s). 

Additional Campers:

If you purchased a campsite and only allocated 1 adult on that campsite but you wish to add more people onto your campsite at a later date, you will need to do this through your members area on your account prior to the 1st of March 2025. 


Only 1 vehicle pass per campsite will be provided. All vehicles are the responsibility of the owner and must be contained within the confines of the campsite/s. Additional cars of campers may be parked in the general car park located adjacent to the maim campground gate.


Only trailers being used for camping are allowed to remain at your campsite all others must be adjacent to the Campsite Office parked in the trailer parking compound.


If for any reason you need to cancel your campsite or camping pass, you can request a refund however you will be charged a $10 administration fee. We will only accept cancellation requests up to 28 days prior to an Event. Please email your refund request to


Whilst Alcohol is banned from the Event Site, Campers will be allowed alcohol within their campsite but this will be strictly monitored and policed.

Contact Us:

For any queries in relation to camping bookings, please get in touch with Jacinta.
Phone: 0428 092 567



By purchasing a campground, you agree to abide by the Conditions Of Entry that are listed below. 


  • You must comply with all terms and conditions.

  • You must comply with all signs, instructions and directions regulating this Event.

  • You must comply with all directions from the Police, Security and Officials.

  • Glass bottles are not permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No illegal substances are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No fireworks or explosives are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No weapons are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No petrol canisters over a 5 litre capacity are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No animals are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • No couches or lounge chairs are permitted into the Event Venue.

  • Patrons and vehicles may be subject to searches for illegal substances or contraband.

  • No platforms, or anything that may be used to erect platforms, are permitted into the Event Venue. Nothing that will obstruct the view of patrons is allowed to be constructed. The Event Organiser reserve the right to determine what is unacceptable.

  • Failure to comply with these conditions may result in refusal of entry to or removal from the Event Venue.

  • All Campsites must be left as found, all rubbish and contaminates including tyres, fuel drums, containers, etc. must be removed. If campsites are not left in a reasonable condition, occupants of those sites will not be allowed to return.


  • Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times. The Police and/or Security will enforce eviction for disorderly conduct and other misbehaviour.

  • The Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the Campgrounds to any person it deems unfit or Inappropriate in its discretion.

  • If your vehicle and/or accommodation facilities exceed the campsite size you are required to purchase an additional site. A tow away service will be in operation for any vehicles that are not parked completely within the allotted campsite.

  • Vehicles may only be used for entering and exiting the Campgrounds via Mt Panorama Avenue

  • Unregistered or unroadworthy vehicles that are not entered will not be admitted into the campground area.

  • On the advice of the NSW Police Service, any unregistered motorised wheeled device (excluding those used by disabled persons) will not be admitted into the Event Venue.

  • Use of vehicles within the Campgrounds on undesignated roads or for unlawful or potentially dangerous practices is strictly forbidden.

  • Identification wristbands for persons and stickers for vehicles, issued by the applicable campsite office must be clearly visible at all times.

  • All instructions and directions regarding the above, whether communicated by the Event Organiser, Security

  • And/or Police, must be strictly adhered to at all times.

  • No fires are allowed.