Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions can be answered on relevant sections of the website. Below are some quick reference questions in case you missed the info within the website.


How do I enter my vehicle?
Under the “Vehicle Entry” tab on our website, click on the Event you wish to enter and complete the online form. You will need to submit a recent photo of your vehicle for approval and complete payment.

Can’t find an Entry form?
Please note: Entry forms are released approximately 6 months before each event. Online Entries close approximately 2-3 weeks prior to an Event. If you missed entering online, you can enter on the day of the Event during Scrutineering / Entrant Check In times.

Does my Vehicle Entry include Camping? (Bathurst Autofest only)
Camping is not included in the Entry fee, if you wish to camp you will need book a campsite and pay the camping fees on our website.

Do I need to wear a seatbelt while I’m in the venue?
Yes. Seat belts must be worn at all times by drivers and passengers while driving the vehicle inside the event venue.

I’m not sure if my car will be ready, what if I pay to enter and it’s not ready?
If you are not sure if your car will be ready for the event, you can still enter the event and if you can’t make it, you can request a refund less an administration fee as long as you cancel before the date specified in the Entrants Terms & Conditions. Your other option is to change to a different vehicle but you must advise us at least 28 days prior to the Event by emailing

My car isn’t registered, can I still enter?
We do allow unregistered vehicles to attend however you will need to send a couple of clear photos and a full description of the car and why it’s not registered along with your driving history to

I’ve paid, where is my receipt?
Prepaid entrants will receive a confirmation e-mail. This will simply tell you that we have received your entry form and payment. Please allow up to 14 days for this email.

How do I receive my Entrant ticket/pass?
At Scrutineering, you will receive your wristband to indicate you are an Entrant. Do not take off this wristband or you will be required to pay again.

Do I need to provide ID?
Yes you will need to provide a valid driver’s licence at Scrutineering.

Do I need a AASA licence?
If you are participating in any of the driving events e.g. go to whoa, autokana or burnouts - Yes you will need to obtain a AASA General Speed Licence. To apply for a AASA Licence: Head to

Can I have a second driver for the same vehicle?
Yes, this is referred to as a Cross Entry. When completing your online entry, you can add an additional driver for an additional cost of $100.

Can I run slicks?
No competition slick tyres, retread tyres or well worn tyres are to be used in any of the Driving Events including The Burnout Competition. Remoulds and D.O.T. approved treaded competition tyres will be allowed.

Can I Enter my Vehicle on the day?
Yes, you can enter your vehicle on the day however it is cheaper to enter online prior to the event (before online entries close).

I am building a new car, can I unveil it at the event?
Give us a call to discuss – 0417 511 557.

What time is scrutineering?
Please refer to the Event Program closer to the event.

Do I have to buy a Tow/Support Vehicle Pass?
If you tow your entered vehicle to the event, you will be issued with a Tow sticker free of charge. The Tow vehicle must stay in the tow car park area for the duration of the event.
Entrants wanting their Support vehicle within the event area to change tyres, store tools, etc. can purchase a Support Vehicle pass on their online entry form.

Does my car need to be scrutineered?
If you are participating in any driving events, yes. If you are only participating in Show n Shine then no.

Can I participate in the cruise if my car is unregistered?
No, all vehicles must be street registered to participate in the street cruise.

How much is it to enter?
Entrant Fees will be released along with the online entry form approx. 6 months prior to the event. Please refer to the Vehicle Entry tab for further information.



How do I buy public admission tickets?
Click on the Book Tickets tab at the top of our website to find what tickets are available to purchase. Buy your tickets early to save $$$.

Can I buy public admission tickets at the Event?
Tickets will be available to purchase over the duration of the event from the public gate or online however there will be a price increase.

Can I buy a day pass?
Yes, day passes are available to purchase online under the Book Tickets tab or from the Public Gate on your arrival to the Event.

Will there be any public amenities available?
Yes there are toilets at the venue.

Can I bring alcohol with me for the weekend?
NO. Alcohol is not permitted. Security will be searching cars.

My mate is an Entrant, can I go in his car as a passenger?
Yes, you can purchase passenger pass known as a “Buddy Pass” from the office. Passengers must be over the age of 14. You will be required to complete and sign a AASA passenger indemnity forms.

Is Camping available?
The only Event where Camping is available is at Bathurst Autofest.

What time do the gates open to Public?
Please refer to the Event Program which will be released closer to the event.

Can I bring my dog?
No pets allowed. Note: Assistance animals are allowed.

Will there be food available?
Yes there will be food available to purchase at the venue.

I’ve paid to be a spectator, can I upgrade to be an Entrant?
Yes you can, please email your request to and one of our staff will get in touch with you. Please note: upgrade requests must be received at least 28 days prior to an Event.

Issue with your account login or can’t find your pre-purchased tickets?
Email us at




What is Autokana?
Entrants line up to test their braking and handling skills of their vehicles with manoeuvres in forward, reverse and both left and right. This is a true test on one's ability to get things right or go down in a blaze of glory.

What is Go to Whoa?

Side by side action where Entrants show all the Go they can muster and then throwing out all the Anchors to try and tame their monster to pull up before they cross the dreaded finish line.

What is Super Sprints/Roll Racing?

Similar to Go to Whoa, however Entrants have a rolling start and instead of stopping right on the finish line, Entrants will race past the finish line. The aim is to get the quickest time possible. 

What is Grab A Flag?

This driving event was designed on the traditional "Spear a Spud" competition. Entrants will race against the clock maneovering their vehicle into different garages, meanwhile their Passenger grabs a flag that is velcroed to a pole at each garage during the course. The aim is to get the quickest time as well as collecting a flag at each garage point.

What is Burnouts?

The Burnout Competition is hands down the highlight of the Autofest Events. With 100-120 burnout Entrants fiercely competing for the bragging rights to be crowned Burnout King or Queen. Surrounded by thousands of cheering spectators, these chosen few go into battle in a high octane of high revving engines, shredding tyres and some may even catch alight on their way to glory or despair. This is car carnage at its best.