ENTRANT INFORMATION (Driving event Entrants)


On your arrival to the Speedway, please follow the signs to Scrutineering. This is where you and your vehicle will be checked in. Your vehicle will undergo a quick inspection and you will be issued with your vehicle’s official entrant windscreen sticker, along with your official pass for the driver and any buddy passes or merchandise that you have pre-purchased.

Scrutineering is open Friday 6th of October from 3:00pm to 6.00pm and Saturday 7th of October from 1.00pm till 3.00pm.


For Entrants towing their vehicle to the event, you will be issued with a “Tow Car Pass” at Scrutineering (free of charge). Your tow vehicle and trailer is to remain in the “Tow Car Park” located within the Speedway for the duration of the Event.

Entrants who want to have a support vehicle (a vehicle carrying spare tyres, breakdown repair items) can purchase a “Support Vehicle Pass” for $40. This allows your support vehicle to access the main event/venue.


Passenger/Buddy passes will be available to purchase at Scrutineering on Friday. All passengers must be present at the time of purchase as they will be required to sign a disclaimer form. Passenger passes will be available for $45 per adult and $25 per youth (14-16 years old). Passengers must be over the age of 14.


Entrants participating in any driving events must hold a current AASA General Speed Licence.

For existing AASA Licence holders, please check the expiry date on your Licence. If you need to renew your Licence, please do so prior to the Event to speed up check in.

For Entrants who do not already have a AASA General Speed Licence, you will need to apply online prior to the Event. 

To apply or renew your AASA Licence head to www.aasa.com.au


Autokana - Entrants line up to test their braking and handling skills of their vehicles with manoeuvres in forward and reverse and both left and right. This is a true test on one's ability to get things right or go down in a blaze of glory.

Go to Whoa - is another winner of side by side action with all that participate with entrants showing all the Go they can muster and in just 140 metres throwing out all the Anchors trying to tame their monster to pull up before they cross the dreaded finish line.

Grab A Flag - was designed on the traditional Spear A Spud competition that brings the passengers into the equation but instead of trying to spear those messy potatoes, we now just grab a nice new flag that is velcroed to a pole at each garage during the course.

Burnouts - The Burnout Competition is a highlight of the Autofest Events. With 100 Entrants fiercely competing for the bragging rights to be crowned Burnout King or Queen. Surrounded by thousands of cheering spectators, these chosen few go into battle in a high octane of high revving engines, shredding tyres and some may even catch alight on their way to glory or despair. This is car carnage at its best.


Presentation of Awards for the Driving Event/Burnout entrants will take place approximately 10:00pm Saturday night at the Speedway.

Please note: If you are unable to attend the award ceremony, please arrange to have someone you know there to collect any Awards on your behalf otherwise your Award will be forfeited.


If you wish to leave your vehicle at the speedway overnight you can do so however it is at your own risk. There will not be any security overnight. If you need to leave your vehicle at the speedway Saturday night, they must be collected between 9:00am and 10:00am Sunday morning.


We are on strict noise restrictions – please ensure that there is no engine noise after 10:30pm, we don’t need the neighbours of the speedway complaining so if you are packing your car away on trailers, etc. please do so before 10:30pm.


We have a curfew of 10:00pm so there is to be no action on the track after 10:00pm.


By entering the event, you agree to make yourself available for any press or media exposure and approve the use of any video footage or still photos connected with your participation at this event.


Do not exceed the speed limit of 10km. Other entrants and fans will be walking around the event venue, including the Tow Car Park area.


The consumption of alcohol is strictly PROHIBITED outside of the licensed areas.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited within the event venue. The Autofest Events have a zero-alcohol limit for all driving events. Breath testing is conducted at the event. If you refuse a breath test, you will not be permitted to compete and may be removed from the Event.


No alcohol or illicit drugs are to be brought into the Event. All Entrants are required to have their vehicles, tow cars, support cars, etc. searched each time they enter the Event venue.


All Entrants are expected to follow all Event rules and guidelines. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Any Entrants caught doing the wrong thing such as static burnouts, driving over the 10km speed limit, dangerously driving within the event venue (excluding on the pad and pit straight during events), campground or tow car park area, or being abusive towards staff, etc. will result in ejection of the Event and may affect your future at any of our Events.

Be respectful and courteous to your fellow competitors, volunteers and fans.

So that's a taste of what to expect at our upcoming event. Remember to keep up with the latest information at www.autofest.com.au and our Facebook Page “Murray Bridge Autofest” and Instagram @murraybridgeautofest.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:                                            
Phone: 0428 092 567 or 0417 511 557