Entrant Vehicle Guide

Who can Enter?
Entrants must hold a current driver’s licence (at minimum, a probationary licence).
Entrants must have previous driving experience.

Vehicle Requirements
All vehicles MUST be presentable to enter. This does not mean vehicles need to be show cars, but they must have matching coloured panels and look reasonable and quite simply not be paddock bashers!

Scrutineering Requirements
At Scrutineering, your vehicle will be checked to make sure it complies with the various safety regulations and requirements.

Alloy wheels: Burnout Entrants - All drive wheels must be steel. Alloy wheels are NOT permitted. Alloy wheels OK for all other driving events.

Brakes:  good pedal and no leaks.

Battery:  secure battery anchorage.

Wheels:  all wheel nuts must be fitted and wheel weights removed*. (*Burnout entrants only). NSW and SA

Steering: no free play, minimal stress on U joints and adequate clearance on all moving parts of the steering system.

Suspension:  no solid mounts, must have shocks, no excessive bump steer.

Seats:  secure anchorage points covered.

Seatbelts:  at all seating positions and in good condition.

Glass/Windows:  good visibility - no broken or cracked glass.

Engine:  no fuel, coolant or oil leaks. Fitment and operation of return mechanism/spring on carby or throttle body and a radiator catch can.

Body:  no sharp or dangerous protrusions, no rust, structural damage and/or loose body panels.  All closed cars must have a floor pan.

Bonnet:  fitted unless permitted by the Event Organiser. If no bonnet is fitted, all ancillary belts must be covered.
Working lights: head, tail, brake and indicators.
Valid Drivers Licence: must be presented at Scrutineering.
Vehicle’s Registration: the numberplate must match the vehicle’s VIN.

Entrant sticker: must be on car’s windscreen before leaving scrutineering.
Supercharged Engine: each supercharged vehicle must have a Blower Restraint to SFI 14.1 or equivalent standard unless the Supercharger is fitted entirely underneath the manufacturer’s unmodified steel bonnet.

Tyres:  No competition slick tyres, retread tyres or well worn tyres are to be used in any of the Driving Events including The Burnout Competition. Remoulds and D.O.T. approved treaded competition tyres will be allowed.

Burnout cars: Cars without a two-piece tail shaft must have all of the above plus 360 degree tail shaft loop. A fire extinguisher and a crash helmet are also required for burnout cars. Drive wheels must be steel and not alloy where possible. Burnout group sticker must be placed on car before leaving scrutineering.

Methanol cars: your methanol fuel system must be in a concealed compartment separate to the driver. Our scrutineers need to be confident that there is a clear division and fuel cannot escape and get to the driver.

Unregistered Vehicles: are accepted by our insurer to enter Autofest Events but ONLY at the organisers’ discretion.

Please note: Other checks may be undertaken as deemed appropriate by the chief scrutineer.

AASA Licence
If you are participating in any of the driving events, you must hold a current AASA General Speed Licence. To apply for a AASA General Speed Licence please head to https://aasa.com.au/licences/general-speed-event-licence/


Important Note

The Event organisers reserve the right to exclude any vehicle that fails to meet the above Vehicle and/or Scrutineering requirements.  The Event organisers also reserve the right to decline entries, not to issue an Entrant Sticker or to withdraw a previously issued Entrant Sticker and thus withdraw permission to compete further in the Event if, in their opinion, the vehicle is, or has become unsafe or unsuited to the Event.

Contact Us
If you wish to speak to us about this Entrant Vehicle Guide, please feel free to contact us on 0417 511 557 or email admin@autofest.com.au


For further information, please refer to the “General Rules & Guidelines” and the “Burnout Rules & Guidelines” which can be found on our website.